How to make fixed table headers with Grid?

Hi all, I have a table that is built inside a Grid element. I need a fixed header to be right above it, and it must follow the same spacing as the Grid. Now, this would be easy to do if I had fixed widths for the columns, but I need the layout to work on many screen sizes and both orientations.

My table goes:

If I insert a grid inside the header with the same properties as the Grid, it will not behave the same because the content is different, and the widths of the headers will not match the widths and positions of the grid’s columns.

So, my questions: 1) If I make a row inside the grid with the column headers, can I make it so it doesn’t scroll along with the rest of the rows and always sticks to the top of the scrollview? Analogy: css “fixed” property

  1. Can I bind the Columns value of two Grids so they’re always following the same spacing rules?

  2. Any other options on how to approach this?