How to get rid of line in TextInput


sorry if I ask a question which is already documented somewhere. I have read quite a lot now in the learning section, the examples and the community.

The text input field shows a line, which actually goes through the currently displayed value. Hard to see on the image below, but very good visible on real device. How to get rid of that?



You can try using TextEdit instead of TextInput.

Again, so easy!



I tried this solution but I notice that TextEdit doesn`t have the option of using placeholder and in this case I need placeholder but without that line. Is there a way to do that??


If you update to Fuse 0.20 these problems go away :slight_smile:

In 0.20:

  • TextInput has no decoration but supports placeholder
  • Basic.TextInput gives you the basic theme style (with the line)
  • TextEdit no longer exists.

Thank you, I did it and works now, but I have some pages that are not suppossed to show until they are active and with the new version is not working anymore, can you please tell me how to update this please.

<Page ux:Name="pagInstructores">

            <Change pagInstructores.IsEnabled="false"/>
            <Change pagInstructores.Visibility="Hidden"/>

            <Change pagInstructores.IsEnabled="true"/>
            <Change pagInstructores.Visibility="Visible"/>