How to get phones volume control button events

Hi guys,

Do you know of a way to get the events fired from the volume controls? For iOS and android?

Has someone done this already? :slight_smile:

Hello @aeq,

I believe we can do something in this area, I find a way on Android let me check for iOS and get back :wink:

I think we can make a library wraps Device Volume Observer, i will manage to develop it soon

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Oh wow, cool man, you’re fast @Ahmed_Diab :+1:, I was looking into it and it was looking complicated on iOS lol.

Hey @Ahmed_Diab, just wanted to see how ya doing on this and if there’s anything I can help ya with? :smile:

Welcome back @aeq thanks for your follow.
I’m starting developing it right now and it may require a changing on uno engine as well :wink:

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I have finished android task :wink:

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Thanks man, yeah, been away catering for GDPR.

You finished the android side #likeABoss! :sunglasses:

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