How to enable getUserMedia in webview

Hi there, i plan on testing the webrtc protocols and was wondering how nicely it would play with fuse.
before i dive into writing the javascript modules i wanted to test the getUserMedia checks in a webview in fuse and i currently get this error


this is the markup

<App Background="#ddd">
        <StatusBarBackground Dock="Top"/>
            <WebView Dock="Fill" Url="">

        <BottomBarBackground Dock="Bottom" />

anyway i can enable these features, because i’m sure the device i’m using supports it, unless the native webview implemented in fuse doesn’t

Hi, I’m fairly certain that our WebView implementation does not have the necessary permissions turned on. It’s pretty basic.

After having read this helpful post, I think you could extend the WebView implementation to have your own version of it, with the necessary changes included.

Hope this helps!

At whom it turned out? let me know if it’s not difficult please give a link to the code or explain to the newcomer how this is done =)