How to create a perfect Mosaic

How to create the mosaic above:

ps: with sort of images with different sizes.

and all of images fits perfect on a Rectancle wrapper.

Bent, i know about Grid… but is it possible to arrange the data dynamically. Taths because the size and quantity of images may be differente.

I’m not entirely sure what you want to achieve. You want to scale images to fit inside the grid segments? If so, that’s easy to achieve with panel scaling and placement rules. As for quantity, I’m not sure I know what you mean here either. You’ll have to design for a fixed set of “tiles” if you want them to look exactly like you want it, or you can add new items to the grid dynamically, but then obviously you’ll end up with a non-repeating set of “tiles” if you don’t have enough content to fill it etc.

If you’re talking about the set of four “tiles” inside a bigger “tile”, then you’ll need to make a decision about what type of content you want in there. In your reference image there’s a clear difference in terms of what types of content goes in that type of “tile”.