How to create a flow page login

Hello, I’m Brazilian so I’m sorry the bad english. I’m trying to create the flow of a login page using Parse.js. I could log in using parse but not understand how to use the paging after a successful login. Can someone help me?


You can databind the Active property on your navigation and then change the value in JS when you log in:

Here is some pseudo code:


var activePage = Observable("loginPage");

function onSuccessfulLogin(){
    activePage.value = "welcomePage";


    <LinearNavigation Active="{activePage}"/>
    <Page Name="loginPage">
        <!-- your login page -->

    <Page Name="welcomePage">
        <!-- your welcome page -->

The following links might be helpfull: Navigation: Data-binding:

I hope this helps, and sorry for the slow response.

Thank you very much for your help Kristian. But I have another question, how can I pass page values in the case of a sidebar?