How to access(animate) a node from a different ux file?

I would like to animate(Move) a node from a different ux file.

So the question now is how can I access this node? I thought you just make the node global with ux:Global="…".

But in my case if I declare the node global it will disappear.

Is this the right approach? If yes, why is the node not visible then anymore?

Here is the code:


	<Outer />

		<A />
		<B />



<Panel ux:Class="A">

	<Text Value="This is A" />


<Panel ux:Class="B">

	<Text Value="This is B" />

		<Move Target="MyCircle" X="50" />



<Panel ux:Class="Outer">

	<Circle ux:Global="MyCircle" Height="50" Width="50" Color="Red" />


Here are the files:

Has anyone an idea?


As far as I know you can’t, they have to be in the same UX class.

You can have a shared JS variable that triggers the animation between 2 UX files.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do it with your example, because you’re trying to access something from one class to another. But take a look at ux:Dependency hopefully if you can’t figure it out someone can actually show you some code of how to do it.