How can I add more icons to a PageIndicator that is not in the PageControl?

At the moment I have the following:

<Navigator ux:Name="navigator" DefaultPath="content"> <!-- set to 'load' -->
       <Browser ux:Template="browser" router="router" />
       <Content ux:Template="content" router="router" />

and inside Content I have a pagecontrol:

<PageControl ux:Name="pageController" Active="page1">
	<Page1 ux:Name="page1" router="router" />
	<Page2 ux:Name="page2" router="router"/>
	<Page3 ux:Name="page3" router="router"/>

combined with a

<PageIndicator Navigation="pageController">

This works as expected, and the icons for all the pages in the PageControl shows up in the PageIndicator. But now I’m facing a problem where I have to add icons to the PageIndicator from the outer router pointing to i.e. Browser. How can I achieve this?

Anyone familiar with the internals of the PageIndicator? Can I make my own? A point in the right direction would be really helpfull.