HierarchicalNavigation working, but imposssible to adjust

In my app I use a HierarchicalNavigation that slides in/out different screens. The screens are all based on the Page component so in the example below, the is a Page component.

<GameStartView ux:Name="GameStartPage" NextButtonClicked="MainFrameNav">
        <Move RelativeTo="Size" X="-1.3" Easing="QuinticInOut" Duration="0.35" />
        <Scale Factor="0.8" Easing="QuinticInOut" Duration="0.25" />

        <TriggerAnimation ux:Binding="BackwardAnimation">
            <Move RelativeTo="Size" X="-2.5" Easing="QuinticInOut" Duration="0.35" />
            <Scale Factor="0.8" Easing="QuinticInOut" Duration="0.25" />

Before I was able to adjust the transition by changing Move & Scale, but now it does nothing. Any ideas as to why?

Nothing was supposed to be changed in this behavious. Though if you’ve waited a few versions perhaps the Navigation context change has affected you.

Can you tell if the page transition is happening at all? How are you changing the active page?

The transitions happen (but only when moving “forward”?) and I trigger them with this:

Navigator.Goto( newPage, Fuse.Navigation.NavigationGotoMode.Transition );

Did a quick test - with DirectNavigation it all works, but the transitions look like shit :slight_smile:

Does nothing happen when moving backward, or just the primary animation plays backward?

Try setting ReuseExistingNode="false" on the HiearachicalNavigation. This restores an old behaviour that you might have relied upon.

That had a very positive effect! One small thing remaining though - one of the transistions should have a different direction (if one cancel’s the forward navigation. This used to work fine, but now all screens slide in from the same position. How could I override this?