Hidden padding/line height in Text fields?

Is the space (padding) between two texts possible to override to 0?

My case is actually having a text in a panel with Alignment=“BottomLeft” But I want it to be as close to the bottom as possible. As the red cube is. (The blue marks shows the space)


	<Text Value="A"/>
	<Text Value="B"/>
    <Panel Height="50" Margin="0" Padding="0">	    	
	  <Text Value="12" Alignment="TopRight"/>
	  <Text Value="20" Alignment="BottomLeft" />
	  <Text Value="20" Alignment="BottomRight" />
	  <Rectangle Alignment="BottomCenter" Height="20" Width="20" Color="Red" />
	    <Stroke Width="1" Color="Red" />
	    <SolidColor Color="#FFF" />

I suspect the bottom padding comes from the font itself in some way. I think I’ve seen other fonts that ended up hovering far above their baseline.

If you set the LineSpacing property to 0 it seems it’ll go a tiny bit lower, but not much. You can probably achieve what you want by setting negative linespacing on the relevant texts, but that is of course a bit less robust.