Handler after image loaded

How to add a handler to an image and run it after image loaded? Thanks!

From Uno code you can subscribe to the ImageSource.Changed event to be informed of changes in its State.

Thank you for reply.

I tried to subscribe to the event and it can really inform me about the State changes. However, when I tried to get the image height and width after state changes (pending -> ready), it still give me 0,0 immediately. Then I try to solve it with a timer, it worked but sometimes failed if too many images are loaded at same time or other reasons idk.

It shows the problem that:

  1. Although state is changed, the image are not fully loaded at the same time actually.
  2. Despite I added the timer, I still can’t get the correct size sometimes.

You might concern that why don’t I just preload the images as what you told me in the other post. This is because I found difficulty to preload a bundle of images and it seems not work despite preloaded.

Thank you for help a lot!