Gradients with multiple stops not smooth

Code for reproduction:

	    <LinearGradient AngleDegrees="120">
			<GradientStop Offset="0" 	      Color="#ff7f7f"/>
			<GradientStop Offset="0.16666667"  Color="#f09680"/>
			<GradientStop Offset="0.33333333"  Color="#dbaf80"/>
			<GradientStop Offset="0.5"         Color="#bfc780"/>
			<GradientStop Offset="0.66666667"  Color="#9bde80"/>
			<GradientStop Offset="0.83333333"  Color="#6bf180"/>
			<GradientStop Offset="1" 		  Color="#00ff7f""/>



Direct Link to screeshot

  • MacOS X 10.12.3
  • Preview
  • Fuse v0.35

Seems like the dropbox link to the image isn’t public. :slight_smile:

Link updated

Still getting AuthenticationFailed when trying to check the image.

I add direct link to screenshot to DropBox. But for screenshot above I use another sharing resource calling Droplr. Strange very strange…

Also post this:

Thanks, got access now.
I’ve raised a ticket for this one.

This happens, because our LinearGradient currently uses a smooth-step between the values instead of a linear step. This is going to be configurable in an upcoming version, with the default set to Linear.

Cool! It would be even cool if the blending occurred in Linear space instead sRGB!

And another very big request - make possible usage Observable’s array of stops like this:

<LinearGradient AngleDegrees="120">
    <Each Items="{stopColors}">
         <GradientStop Offset="{stop}" Color="{color}"/>