Gallery Folder access

Dear Sirs,

What about to provide us the ability to access the Camera (gallery) folder depending on the device with correct and required permissions.



Hey Ahmed!

Might this be of interest?


Thanks for your fast reply!

i did use that feature, but really i need to access the directory it self because i need to implement thing like facebook (while i posting image, it shows all my gallery on it’s panel). can i ?

Hm, i dont think we have support for that, but you might be lucky if you check out the community packages page

For example this might do the job

I have checked them before, so we just need a method returns the path for gallery folder and we can deal with it using FileSystem module.

If so, then you might have to resort to creating your own package for it. You might get away with barely any native code except actually getting the paths from the OS. There are some good docs on doinig this:

Why not, but really i face many problems with that !

but i will try to getting that soon :wink: