Fusetools observable operations

I want to test some observables operations, one of theme is the combineArrays method :

 var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
 var foo = Observable(1);
 var boo = Observable("a", "b", 'c');
 var moo = Observable(3);
 var res = foo.combineArrays(boo, moo, function(f, b, m) {
 // f holds [1]
 // b holds ["a", "b", "c"]
 // m holds [3]

 return [f[0], m[0], b.length]; // the resulting observable will hold the values (1, 3, 3)

The console.log output null, from the doc it should output 1,3,3
The second test is to pass parameters from route :

    // Page one
    var params = Observable();
         name = params.map(function(x){ return x.name; })
    function gotoDesc(){
       route.push('desc', name);
    module.exports = { name : name };

    // Page Desc
    var params = this.Parameter;

This attempt output error like parameter shouldn’t be an observable.
Some light please ?
thank you

The derived Observables that are returned from reactive operators (such as .combine, .map etc.) are asynchronous, so you can’t access them imperatively like you do in the snippets you’ve shown.

Please read the section on State Observables and Derived Observables carefully.

Hope this helps!