FuseJS/Email. Add very basic formatting to message

I would suggest to add at least some very very basic formatting capacity to the message of the mail.

In my opinion the email module should at least accept line breaks \n or <br/> and, if possible, tabs \t.

There is a limited support for this when the string comes from JavaScript. I found that \t didn’t work, but \n works excellent. I only tested on Android though, so it’d be cool if you tested if this works on iOS as well.

    var msg = "Hello\n\nWorld!";
    module.exports = {
        msg: msg
    <StackPanel Margin="20">
        <Button Margin="10" Text="Send email">
                <LaunchEmail To="email@example.com" Subject="Test" CarbonCopy="" BlindCarbonCopy="" Message="{msg}" />

Thank you Uldis!

I’m coding on Android, I may not help this way sorry.