'Fuse.Triggers.Actions' does not contain type or namespace 'LaunchUri'

I’m currently building an app and one of the pages contains a news feed. I had set it up so you could click and it would go out to the news url in the browser. It was working fine but for some reason after returning to work on the app later I am getting the message

Compiling syntax tree ......\D:\Dev\repos\nwaby\build\Android\Preview\cache\SelectionView.g.uno(29.29): E3111: 'Fuse.Triggers.Actions' does not contain type or namespace 'LaunchUri'. Could you be missing a package reference?

My code for the LaunchUri looks like the following:

    <Grid ColumnCount="1" Rows="3*,20,7*">
        <Rectangle Row="0">
    <Button Text="{SearchLabelText}" Width="260" Height="100">
        <Rectangle Row="1" Height="2" Fill="#000000" />
        <Rectangle Row="2" Margin="10,0,10,10">
                <Text Value="Latest News" FontSize="20"/>
                <StackPanel Margin="0,10,0,0">
                    <Each Items="{News}">
                        <Grid RowCount="1" ColumnCount="2" Columns="100,1*" Height="80" Margin="0,0,0,20">
                                <LaunchUri Uri="https://www.fusetools.com" />
                            <Image Row="0" Column="0" Source="{DataToResource image}" />
                            <Grid Row="0" Column="1" Rows="15,15,100*">
                                <Text Row="0" FontSize="12" TextColor="#0000FF" Value="{title}"/>
                                <Text Row="1" FontSize="12" TextColor="#999999" TextWrapping="Wrap" Value="{source}" />
                                <Text Row="2" FontSize="12" TextWrapping="Wrap" Value="{body}" />

It previously would Auto Complete LaunchUri if you were typing it in sublime text but now fails. I’m not sure if something broke in fusetools. I’m currently running version 0.10.0

Hi Deon,

Make sure your .unoproj file contains “Fuse.Launcher” in the packages seection.