Forum migration to Discourse

Hi, people!

We’ve recently completed our migration of our in-house made forum software to our very own Discourse installation in order to improve the experience for our Fuse community. What you’re currently looking at is the new version of our forums, and we hope you’ll continue enjoying them!

In the moving process, we had to make some changes that impact the existing users of the forums. These changes are:

  • All users have had a username created for them that was based on their display name. This username can be changed freely on your profile page if necessary.
  • All passwords have been reset. As we don’t store passwords in a way that lets us access them (hashed only), we couldn’t (and wouldn’t) migrate these to Discourse automatically. As a result, if you want to access your old account, you must use the “Forgot password” feature and enter the e-mail address you were registered with in the old forums.
  • All migrated users have had their profile pictures reset to the default Gravatar profile for their registered e-mail address. If you want to change your profile picture, you can do that on your profile page.

During this migration, we opted to only migrate users with one post or more in the previous forums. As such, if you were previously registered in the forums but had not posted anything, you must re-register your account in these new forums. We are also investigating enabling single sign-on using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and such to simplify onboarding into the new forums.

That was it - enjoy the new forums!