Foreign Code - Android

This is my first attempt at Uno/Foreign code. Was testing the android toast implementation and actually go it working with hardcoded message. Now, i am trying to pass the message as parameter to be displayed and i’m not making head way . i keep getting these

"No overloads of 'ToastIt' matches the argument list (string)
Candidates are: myToast.ToastIt(Fuse.Scripting.Context,object[])

See code below.

using Uno;
using Uno.Collections;
using Fuse;
using Fuse.Scripting;
using Uno.UX;

using Uno.Compiler.ExportTargetInterop;

[extern(Android) ForeignInclude(Language.Java, "","android.widget.Toast")]

public class myToast : NativeModule
    public myToast(){
        AddMember(new NativeFunction("toastIt", (NativeCallback)ToastIt));

    static object ToastIt(Fuse.Scripting.Context c, object[] args)
        var arg = args[0] as string;

        return null;

    static extern(Android) void ToastIt(string message)
        final context = com.fuse.Activity.getRootActivity();
        context.runOnUiThread(new Runnable(){
            public void run(){
                Toast.makeText(context ,message,Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

    static extern(!Android) void ToastIt()
        debug_log("Toast not supported on this platform.");

And the javascript

var myToast = require("myToast");
myToast.toastIt("Hello World");

Hey there,
try changing static extern(!Android) void ToastIt() to static extern(!Android) void ToastIt(string message)

Currently you have different apis on different platforms. This will be causing you issues.

Thank you. it worked