Finding difficulty to connect phone to preview app in phone

Please give me flow that I would be able to connect my android phone with these tool. I read in the Docs also but still I find that something is missing from my side to understand properly. Please give me exact flow.

Hi, do you get a specific error message, or are you just unsure where to start?

I am unsure where to start.
How to do it?

I’d recommend starting with our quick start guide.

This is only needed once:

  • Install Fuse
  • From a terminal write fuse install android and follow the instructions that appear on screen. (You just have to press enter and “Y” once in a while, so it’s quite simple)

And this you do for each app:

  • You can now start a preview of your app on Android. This can be done from the dashboard (the GUI that opens when you start fuse). You can also do it from the terminal / commandline as described here

  • If you instead want to do a normal build (not preview) you just write fuse build -tandroid -r in the terminal. You can find a lot more information about this process here