fetch issue with json from WP REST API custom endpoint

I try to fetch a JSON generated by the WP rest api.
based on an addapted version from exemple:

my json look like this:


and I don’t have

{ "SomeName":

at the begining like in the example JSON:

{ "responseData":
			"author": "Hermione Robinson",

therefore, I didn’t find a way to access the data (as in the example) like so:

   <Each Items="{data.SomeName}">  <<<-- don't have `SomName`
     <Text Value="{Issue}" />

I did check that my json is valid,
and manage to fetch with jquery on my web version with:

any idea?..

If the array is the entire response object then you simply bind to that. E.g. <Each Items="{data.SomeName}">