Extract Array out of Observables with inner() in Fuse 0.33

Hey. In Fuse. 0.32 we used the inner() function of an observable to extract the array values out of the observable.

We create a Observable from the data we get from the database that looks like these

var lead = Observable({

firstname: ...,
lastname: ...,
notes = data.map(function(x) { return x.notes }).inner()


Then we databinded the notes in ux within an each and we saw our notes.

After updating Fuse to 0.33 the ux shows an empty entry for our notes. Where there are 0 or several notes in our array.

My guess here is, that we used an abnormal behaviour from inner() that got fixed in 0.33. When we use innerDeprecated() it still works. Is there a workaround for our problem to extract the values for the array into the observable?