Easing does not work when drawing arcs/portions of a circle

Not getting any love on the question so let’s try a…

Bug report:

Fuse version 0.24.0 (build 7243) OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6

Modifying the “stopwatch-javascript” example so a) that the circle represents a clock in which b) only one-second arc is drawn each second (rather than the entire circle being drawn each second) works when there is no easing. But, when easing is added, the arc lengths are sporadic.


  1. Download example project - Download and extract Zip from: https://www.fusetools.com/examples/stopwatch-javascript.
  2. Edit MainView.js. Comment out Line 25 and modify Line 26 to:
// watchFace.seek(0);

and save.
3. Edit WatchFace.ux. Modify lines 35 and 36 and change the duration from 1 second to .1:

<Change Target="clock.EndAngleDegrees" Value="360" Duration=".1" />
<Change Target="trackerBall.Degrees" Value="360" Duration=".1" />

and save.
4. Preview the app locally. Ignore the first 2 seconds. Note the way that, starting at 2 seconds, the “timeline” colored arc is drawn a little longer each second. Each second it grows by about 1/60th of the circle.
5. Edit WatchFace.ux. Modify lines 35 and 36 and add easing:

<Change Target="clock.EndAngleDegrees" Value="360" Duration=".1" Easing="BounceIn" />
<Change Target="trackerBall.Degrees" Value="360" Duration=".1" Easing="BounceIn" />
  1. Preview the app locally and ignore the first 2 seconds again. Note this time, the length of the arc changes sporadically - sometime growing (e.g. from 4-5 secs) and others shrinking.