E3102: There is nothing named 'temp' accessible in this scope. Are you missing a package reference?

I got this error suddenly when I implemented ux:binding in one of my tags.

var Observable = require(“FuseJS/Observable”); var items = Observable(); var artists = [ { rating:1, image_file:“artist1.png”, title:“Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms”, association:[“IU”, “A Flower Bookmark”, “Love Entertainment”], }, { rating:2, image_file:“artist2.png”, title:“200%”, association:[“Akdong Musician(AKDM)”, “Play”, “VG”], }, { rating:3, image_file:“artist3.png”, title:“Mr.Chu”, association:[“Apink”, “Pink Luv”, “ACube Entertainment”], } ]; function addItem() { items.add({ text: “This is an item” }); } function removeItem(sender) { items.remove(sender.data); } module.exports = { artists: artists, };

Even though I removed the tag, it still produce that error, how can I resolve this issue?


This looks like a bug in Fuse. We would appreciate a zip with a project to reproduce the issue. Thanks!