Dynamically set a page's content from data sent as string (say)

I have a case where based on the type of user the app will shown two different types of pages and content. Two types in one app. So, in such a scenario with suppose even more types of users, can the list of pages corresponding to a particular user be sent to the client app from the server end as string type or maybe some form of template ? Or if this is suggested to keep all the pages of different types of users, in the client app itself, then, can this choice of disabling the rest pages and only setting the navigation of the app to the selected user type’s pages ? If possible, then in what method.

In addition to the above, i plan to achieve this, at runtime, based on the choice of user selection,

This is the first page. This is the second page.

changing the Navigator’s “DefaultTemplate” value and set it to that particular user’s home page and disabling all the remaining pages that are not in the current users’ page route.

Hi snehadeep,

in Fuse, you have to build all of the pages an app might show. Then you can couple that with your business logic written in JavaScript and decide which pages get shown when.

It would be best if you started with the Fuse Tutorial and got a good grip on the root concepts.

Hi Uldis,
Yup, Gotcha. Solved with Router, Dependancy and JS. Thanks!