Download A File From Internet ( Music , Pictures ...)


Well i have a button and i want as i clicked it, my app fetch the Url of my song or open it in the browser and start downloading.
And here is my code where u can find “download” button:

	<iOS.StatusBarConfig Style="Light" />

		var cards = [
				title: "Dast Bezan",
				description: "Awliye",
				artist: "Maziyar Falahi",
				artistPic: "Assets/maziyar.jpg",
				cover: "Assets/M1.jpg",
				albums: "4",
				topColor: "#cdb8b5",
				bottomColor: "#4f3250"
				title: "Baradar",
				description: "In chi mige",
				artist: "Mohamad Alizadeh",
				artistPic: "Assets/mohamad.jpg",
				cover: "Assets/M2.jpg",
				albums: "6",
				topColor: "#8dabe1",
				bottomColor: "#092759"
				title: "40 Darajeh",
				description: "Wow",
				artist: "Mohamad Alizadeh",
				artistPic: "Assets/mohamad.jpg",
				cover: "Assets/M3.jpeg",
				albums: "2",
				topColor: "#ffd181",
				bottomColor: "#7f2525"
		module.exports = {
			cards: cards


		<StackPanel Dock="Top" Color="#0003">
			<StatusBarBackground />
			<Panel Height="56">
				<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Alignment="CenterLeft" Margin="16" ItemSpacing="4">
					<Text Value="Free Musics" Alignment="Center" Color="#FFF" FontSize="18" />
				<Text Value="7Bands" Alignment="Center" Color="#FFF" FontSize="20" />
				<Image File="Assets/star.png" Alignment="CenterRight" Margin="16"/>

		<PageControl ux:Name="cards" Padding="24,32,24,8">
			<Each Items="{cards}">
				<Card Title="{title}" Description="{description}" Artist="{artist}"
						ArtistPic="{artistPic}" Cover="{cover}" Albums="{albums}"
						TopColor="{topColor}" BottomColor="{bottomColor}">
					<WhileActive Threshold="0.5">
						<Set topColor.Value="{topColor}" />
						<Set bottomColor.Value="{bottomColor}" />

		<StackPanel Layer="Background" Alignment="Bottom">
			<PageIndicator Height="56" Navigation="cards" Alignment="Center">
				<StackLayout ItemSpacing="12" Orientation="Horizontal" />
				<Panel ux:Template="Dot">
						<Scale Factor="0.8" />
						<Change indicator.Opacity="0.4" />
						<Rotate Degrees="360" />
					<Circle ux:Name="indicator" Width="12" Height="12" Color="#fff">
						<Rectangle Width="2" Height="7" Color="#0008" CornerRadius="1">
							<Translation Vector="-2,-2,0" />
							<Rotation Degrees="-45" />
			<BottomBarBackground />


	<Attractor ux:Name="topColor" Target="colorTop.Color" Value="#cdb8b5" Type="Easing" Duration="0.2" DurationExp="0" />
	<Attractor ux:Name="bottomColor" Target="colorBottom.Color" Value="#4f3250" Type="Easing" Duration="0.2" DurationExp="0" />

		<LinearGradient StartPoint="0,0" EndPoint="0,1" AngleDegrees="72">
			<GradientStop ux:Name="colorTop" Offset="0" />
			<GradientStop ux:Name="colorBottom" Offset="1" />



Hi JAvad_7,

to launch other apps (such as a browser), you can use LaunchUri. For downloading things in the background, there’s this library.


First i thank you for the “LaunchUri” you mentioned.
but still don’t know how to include the lib you mentioned. so plz help me with that.


The repository I linked to includes a README that explains how to use the library:


hey again and thanks.
now i got this and know how to include this one.
tnx fuse team.
Problem is solved.



Has something changed in the newer versions of Fuse, because this is not working.

I tried including the library, I tried running the example, but nothing actually happens.

I click the download button (from the example), it clams to start the download and then nothing…

For like 20 minutes nothing happens.

It’s supposed to provide information on the download, no? That does not happen.



Yes, something changed but it is now fixed. Please try again. Also, the download works only on device. You can use xcode simulator or a real android device to test.