Display: none in UX-Markup?

Is there something like css display:none you can use in ux-markup?

For example: when you click on a bottom a text will show up.

My problem: I’ve been using opacity:0 and changed it to opacity:1 when the button has been clicked. But if I click on the same place where I now the text is being hidden, the text will show. I am wondering if there is away with ux-markup you can do something like css’s display:none so it goes away and then been showed instead of just hidden? Or should I use Javascript to create this function?

Could you please share some code to show what you’ve tried so far? It’s hard to put things in context without something to look at.

There’s Opacity that you’ve been using, and then there’s Visibility too.

Thank you!
Visibility worked like I wanted it to. Been trying to find something like this for some weeks now!