Detect if device is a phone?

Is there currently a way of detecting if the current device is actually a phone? (It can make phonecalls)

The Phone api includes only a single function (call), but no way of detecting if the device is capable of making calls, or if it’s just a tablet without a dialer or telephone number.

An app I’m working on currently features call buttons, but as it’s also available for tablets and devices not capable of making calls, I would not want the buttons to appear in these cases. I guess I could maybe guess based on the size of the display, but I don’t want to not offer the option on larger phones or tablets capable of making calls.

(If this isn’t yet possible, it would seem like would be the best way of marking this)


Hi Luke,

I believe you could use the fuse-device library for this. If what it currently exposes isn’t enough, you could always extend the native code to add missing features.

There is no property for querying if the device is a-phone/capable-of-making-calls, there.

Could this be considered a feature request?

As I wrote before, you could always extend that library to add missing features.

I suggest you to google for “detect mobile device calling capabilities” + “java”/“objective-c” and go from there.