Desktop storage share objects through different apps.

Hi fuse team. I’m developing 3 apps using Fuse :slight_smile: But I have a “bug” with preview. I write an object named “user” for every app, the problem is that Storage.writeSync("user", JSON.stringify(user)) share the object for all the apps. Is there a way to use a “user” for every app using preview? Or maybe clear Storage using console?

  • Fuse version 0.32.0 (build 9613)
  • Operating system: OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Thank you


Nice to hear you have several apps in the works :slight_smile:

Storage.writeSync(...) writes to the file name you have given it which in this case is "user". Therefore this will be the same file for every app that writes to that filename. I would recommend to have an unique identifier for each of your apps that you can use in the file name.