Delay Clicked event until Tapped completes

Hi there, I am working off one of the examples provided named, “Angled navigation” I want to be able to tap an item in the scrolling list and move to the item before firing the click event to navigate to a different page. I am not sure how to ensure that the item first comes in to focus before navigating to the correct page. Is there a way to ensure that the tapped event is finished before the Clicked event is fired?
Here is the code snippet. Thank you.

<Each Items="{items}">
   <Grid ux:Name="item" Rows="240,auto">
      <ItemCard ImageFile="{image}" clickEvent="{clickEventName}" Clicked="{onSelected}">
            <NavigateTo Target="item" />
      <DescriptionPanel NameText="{name}" CategoryText="{category}" DescriptionText="{text}"/>

Hi Colin,

you could move the Clicked callback to a nested element, and put a Delay on it, like so:

        <Callback Handler="{someJSFunction}" Delay="1" />

Perfect. Thank you so much Uldis…