Default Draw Order



<Panel Height="250" Dock="Bottom" Color="#666">
    <Image Source="{Resource _tex11111}" Y="0" />
    <Image Source="{Resource _tex11111}" Y="50" />

Are there any special reasons why the drawing order of the objects listed is far from the late one?

I think it would be better to add the objects you added later to the front.

    <Panel ux:Name="A" Dock="Fill" />
    <Panel ux:Name="B" Dock="Bottom"/>
    <Panel ux:Name="C" Dock="Bottom"/>

In the case of the DockPanel, it is now arranged in ACB order
It would be better to be an ABC.

Thank you.

The element order in a Panel is the same as the layer order in popular graphics packages such as Photoshop, Sketch etc. so the layer that appears first in the UX-file will be layered on top of elements appearing later in the file.

This was a deliberate design-choice to make the layout of objects in UX markup map 1:1 with their visual representation in future visual tooling. It would be confusing if an outline view of the UX components listed would render bottom-top in that context, when the expected behavior would be the other way around.

So at the end of the day, it’s a matter of taste and convenience. :slight_smile: