DataBinding to Event


<Panel ux:Class="Sprite" Placed="{engine.onSpritePlaced}" Color="{Color}" TransformOrigin="TopLeft" CachingMode="Never">

In the above case, one line is too long, so I tried to separate it with DataBinding.

<Panel ux:Class="Sprite" TransformOrigin="TopLeft" CachingMode="Never">
    <DataBinding Target="Color" Key="Color"/>
    <DataBinding Target="Placed" Key="engine.onSpritePlaced"/>

This will cause an error in Placed.

DataBinding seems to be disabled for this event.

I think it would be better if the DataBinding could also be used when specifying an event handler.

    <DataBinding Target="Color" Key="Color"/>

What if we could write the line as shown below?

    <DataBinding Target="Color" Value="{Color}"/>

Thank you.