Data written to local storage gets erased (or unaccessible) after version update on iOS

Hello! The previous version of my app was compiled with the last “not open” Fuse 1.9 back in May 2018. I made a new version of the app using the latest Uno and Fuselibs in October 2018, but the published iOS version for some reason erased all local storage data.

I haven’t published the Android version yet, but after some testing, the Android version doesn’t seem to erase the local storage going from Fuse May 2018 to Fuse October 2018. For iOS, all settings (bundle identifier, deployment target etc) we’re basically the same. I had to create a new provisioning profile, but seems odd if that’s the case…

Has there been some work done on the Storage module between May and October that has for example changed the directory structure for saving local files? Any ideas what could cause local storage data to be erased or miss-placed after an update through App Store or TestFlight?