Data location; Select file dialogue?


in an app I have a function which imports a text file.

Is it possible to pass the text file with the application, so that it is automaticaaly available on the device?

Or do I need to store it manually on the device, but in which folder?

Or is there a file select dialogue possible? (my preferred option)

You can use Bundle

Thanks. The bundled file has to be in the main project folder? Or could it be in a sub-folder as well?

Sub-folder is fine as long as you add it to your project with :Bundle. Like "somesubfolder/myfile.myextension:Bundle"

Sorry, if I searched not enough, but I do not find the syntax for the Project file in the documentation, thus I do not manage to put the staff for bundle right?

  "Includes": [

So easy, thanks! Is this somewhere documented?

P.S. I do not see an option to mark a thread as closed?

We have this page But I think we miss something about the Bundle feature. I will let the right people know.

It works for local preview, but hot to build the apk, so that it is also available on Android device? So far I simply copied the apk file to the device and installed there.

No change from before, these files are actually bundled inside the apk (that’s why they have the “Bundle”-suffix) :slight_smile: