Curve/Path based gradient

I have a use case where travel progress on a .png image of a map could be indicated by path (Curve) with a sufficiently wide stroke to overlay with color the travel progress a user has made.

However, our design includes a nice looking multi colored gradient along the direction/angle of the path. A single color isn’t quite sufficient.

I am wondering if it is possible to make a Curve with a gradient that had segments added to it as the user progresses or otherwise is there a way to achieve a gradient path effect in Fuse? An example would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kwame,

currently there is no support for gradient on curves curves, and there are no plans on having it either. If it’s a thing you need, I suggest adding a ticket on fuselibs-public so that the right people are aware of it.

Other than that, the closest thing you could achieve with the current tools we have is a segmented curve, where you’d have a different color on each segment. That’s no gradient, but at least something. See Curve and CurvePoint.

Or you could dive into Uno and write support for that yourself. I have no idea how complex that would be, but I imagine it’s quite a big task.