Creating native controls

I’m trying to implement a custom native control, however, the examples contained in don’t work. I can compile the file .uno containing the MySlider component (for Android), but when I add the following snippet :

namespace MyWrappers.Android
    extern(!Android) public class MySlider: LeafView
        public float Value { get; set; }

the following message appears : There is nothing named 'LeafView' accessible in this scope. Did you perhaps misspell 'ILeafView' (as in 'Fuse.Controls.Native.ILeafView')? Could you be missing a package reference?

Fine, the documentation is wrong. After fixing it, the next uno build -t android gives me the following:

> uno build -t android

Uno 0.29.20 (build 2873) OS X 10.11 i386 eb56555

MainView.ux(6): E8001: Fuse.Controls.PropertyBinding`1<float> cannot be used here, because there are no suitable parent nodes in this scope.
MainView.ux(6): E8001: 'MySlider does not expose a bindable property called 'AndroidTemplate'
MainView.ux(9): E8001: 'MySlider does not expose a bindable property called 'GraphicsTemplate'

Build completed in 6.98 seconds.
    0 Warning(s)
    3 Error(s)

The MainApp.ux is below:

        <Control ux:Class="MySlider">
            <float ux:Property="Value" />

            <MyWrappers.Android.MySlider ux:Generate="Template" ux:Binding="AndroidTemplate" Value="{Property this.Value}" />
        <!--    <MyWrappers.iOS.MySlider ux:Generate="Template" ux:Binding="iOSTemplate" Value="{Property this.Value}" /> -->

            <Text ux:Generate="Template" ux:Binding="GraphicsTemplate">
                MySlider is not available in this context.

        <Text> HEY! </Text>


So, what should I do to implement a native control?


The docs have now been updated, please replace

ux:Generate="Template" ux:Binding="AndroidTemplate"



And similarly for iOSAppearance and GraphicsAppearance