creating a pinportal as the splash screen of the app

Am building an app which will require the user to input a one time unique code before the splash screen will allow him access to the other pages of the app. Below is what i have been able to do so far

				var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');
				items = Observable();
				text = Observable();
				data = Observable();
				userInput = Observable();
				loadPage = Observable(false);
				text.value  = 'Hello world'
				userInput.value = 'This is user input'
				function verify() {
						return res.json()
					}).then(function(res) {
						if (res.error_message === 'Pin is valid' ) {
							loadPage = true;
						text.value= res.error_message
						userInput.value = 'done!!!'

				module.exports = {
					items : items,
					verify : verify,
					text : text,
					userInput : userInput
				<Page ux:Name="lock">
				<Text TextWrapping='Wrap' Value='{text}'/> 
			    <Button  Alignment="TopRight" Color='Blue' Padding='20' Clicked='{verify}' Margin="5">
			    	<Text Value="Verify"/>
			    		<Scale Factor=".50"/>
			    <TextInput ux:Name="text" PlaceholderText="Text field" PlaceholderColor="#ccc" Height="50" Padding="5" Value='{userInput}'>
			        <Rectangle Layer="Background">
			            <Stroke Width="2" Brush="#BBB" />

Am facing two challenges:
1, How to use the If statement correctly to make the splash page go off when the res.error_message === ‘Pin is valid’
2, How to prevent the splash page from coming back after the user has successfully put in the right pin

Please help
am a total novice in JavaScript. Thanks

Hi John,

sorry for delayed response.

It’s fine to be a total novice, but that also implies that you will need to spend a little time reading. Here’s two links I would like you to get started with:

  1. An extensive article covering all things related to Navigation in Fuse
  2. And to bring you up to speed, the complete Fuse Tutorial

When you’re done with both, I believe you’ll solve your 2 challenges in no time.