Control Video playback using slider


Need help if sombody can guide how can i slide the video playback using slider. Currently if i set progressanimation of the video with the slider, i cannot move the slider forward or backward after i’ve paused the video. Even if i pressed the slider and dragged it forward later it will go back to the position where it was paused earlier. Any suggestion??

<App Theme="Basic">
<Video ux:Name="video" Dock="Fill" Url="{videoUrl}"  StretchMode="Uniform"  AutoPlay="true">
        <Change Target="slider2.Value" Value="{videoThumb}" />    </ProgressAnimation>

<Slider ux:Name="slider2" >
  <float4 ux:Value="#FF5722" ux:Key="C500" />
  <float4 ux:Value="#FBE9E7" ux:Key="CLine" /></Slider>


To solve this we can use a Property binding.

This code should do what you want:

<Video Progress="{Property _progressSlider.Value}">
<Slider ux:Name="_progressSlider" Minimum="0" Maximum="1" />

{Property _progressSlider.Value} will make a binding between the Value property and the Progress property on <Video />. You want to set Minimum and Maximum to 0 and 1 to make the mapping nice, since Progress is always between 0 and 1 in fuse :slight_smile: