Content separation in fuse

Hi there, currently I’m using nativescript from Telerik but interested with Fuse. However I want to ask several question regarding Fuse:

  1. Do Fuse support for global styling, something that should separate content from presentation (like css file in html)? I ask this because I see Fuse use UX markup to define styling of element.
  2. Is Fuse support Page in separate file and navigating to them? Say I create Login.ux that after success navigate to Main.ux, because in login transition example I only saw Main.ux file.
  3. How good Fuse support dialog/modal?
  4. Is Fuse production ready? Are there any major bug need to be addressed?
  5. Is there any complete example such as Todo app that goes from Login to CRUD operation?

Thanks, Dels

Samples of some of the stuff you are asking about can be found at the below link:

Hi! Skezo’s links are a good starting point but to add even more info:

  1. Yes, Fuse supports global styling. The recommended way of doing this is by subclassing existing components to create new ones. You can see this in action in many of our examples and read more about it here

  2. Yes, everything can be split into multiple files. :slight_smile: We tend to keep a lot of our example code more compact for the sake of overview (when explaining a specific feature) but you can separate it pretty much any way you want. You can define new components in separate .ux files and just instantiate them directly or you can look at ux:include and ux:innerclass if those suit your use cases better.

  3. It’s very easy to implement your own custom ones using UX. The standard OS-native ones are not exposed through UX yet but we intend to get that in place as well. (You can follow the status for that work in the feature overview).

  4. Quite a few apps have been made & published already so Fuse is definitely capable of producing production apps. However, different features and APIs have different degrees of maturity (and I can guarantee that bugs still exist) so it all comes down to which features your app needs. We’re always open to discussing whether a specific project is suitable for implementation with Fuse so just let us know if you have questions on this. :slight_smile:

  5. There are several examples for these kinds of things. The links provided by Skezo is a good starting point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all replies, I’m sure quite informed by list of sample Skezo showed.

Btw I test some example app (D500px, Deem Movies, Conrad Wise, Login transitition example) seem little slow/lag in older device (SD 400 with 1 GB ram), is this know issue?

Which specific Snapdragon400 device are you testing on and what’s the OS version?

We’re already working on different performance optimizations that should help out everywhere (but especially on older devices), but it’s always good to have some new points of reference. :slight_smile: