Content in a Circle

It would be nice to place content into a circle :slight_smile:

        ... content ...

Error: ‘Circle’ does not have any content properties that accept ‘StackPanel’

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for mentioning this Feature Request. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

At the moment you can use the Mask effect to achieve a circular clipping region. Create a PNG with the alpha mask you desire then:

    <Mask File="my_circle.png" Mode="Alpha"/>

You can put the Mask directly on the StackPanel of course, but you’ll likely want to constrain the size of the outer Panel somehow.

I know it’s not directly related to your request, but it’s worth mentioning that for the special case of putting image content into a Circle, you can use the brush ImageFill:

    <ImageFill File="myprofilepicture.png" />

For this special case it usually produces a cleaner edge than using a .png as a mask.