Conflict between Right Swipe and Edge Navigation


I’ve a Sidebar at the left side of the page, which is triggered by swiping. There is also a RightSwipe defined. The later seems to have preference over the Edge Navigation, so the sidebar can not be activated.

Is there a way to resolve this conflict? E.g. Is is possible to define the area where swipe can be used, leaving out a border?

To solve above I wonder if it is possible to put a transparent Rectangle with Margins on top of all other Elements and Swiping on the Rectangle will trigger the page navigation. But I do not get this to work, either the Rectangle prevents e.g. button clicks, or it is in the background and then it does not react on swipe gestures.

<Rectangle Margin="50,50,50,50" Layer="Overlay" HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren">

Can this be solved with HitTestMode? I played with many combinations but without success. Probably there is an easy way to solve this, but I do not get it from the documentation.