Color functions like in LESS

Hi everyone! I have one proposition for declarative markup language UX. What you think about color functions like in Less? Such as lighten(), darken(), saturate(), desaturate(), fadein(), fadeout(), fade() spin() and mix(). So what if we transfer this functionality to Fuse like this:

Declarate global color constants

<float4 ux:Global="FillColor"  ux:Value="rgba(0.5, 0,   0.25, 0.5)"/>
<float4 ux:Global="GreenColor" ux:Value="hsla(120, 0.5, 0.5,  1.0)"/>

Assignment global colors via color transformers

<Rectangle Color="Darken(FillColor, 0.2)"/>
<Rectangle Color="Lerp(GreenColor, FillColor, 0.5)"/>

Good suggestions, added them to the list.

We have a plan for how to make UX values more expressive, it probably won’t look exactly like this but support similar features.

to Anders Lassen

Happy to hear that. It will be perfect!

This would be really sweet! I would really like a more CSS/SCSS/LESS-like styling experience.

Did this ever get any attention?
I’d love to be able to do this, would be amazing and extremely useful.


For everyone who is waiting for this, I created issue ticket. Hope to see this feature in a future release.