Clear local notification

How can I clear a local notification after I have added it?


var LocalNotify = require("FuseJS/LocalNotifications");

//Make a local notification
LocalNotify.later(parseInt(, "Shape", "Rest time's up!", "payload", true);

//Clear it (and all others, this is the only way right now)

//Clear the little badge that displays the number of notifications on the icons on the home screen in iOS

There is no way to clear a specific local notification other than making an internal array of them, then clearning and re-adding them appropriately after every clear call.

Are clearAllNotifications and clearBadgeNumber in the documentation? I couldn’t find them.

ListNotifications should be possible to do, if it doesn’t exists.

No, they’re not, I’m not sure why but as of the last update they’re there, you can check the change log. As far as I know ListNotifications doesn’t exist

Hi folks,

The missing documentation is my fault, sorry about that. I will get that done.

I will add ListNotifications on to the wishlist. IIRC there were some details that made this problematic but it’s not coming to me right now.

Thanks for posting on this