Clean Button

Hi I wonder how can I create a Button with no styles. When I create a button take the style of the Theme Basic (with color, shadows, etc…). There is a way to create a clean button? I can change all the attributes less the background Color. Always overrides the default settings.

Make a Style that defines Button to have no properties or appearance, and set ux:Cascade="false" to diasable general styling for that class.

    <Button ux:Cascade="false" />

<Button Text="I'm FREEE!!" />

Yes, you can do this either by using other Styles/Themes for a subtree in UX or an inline style for a subtree.

So if you want a clean button or a button with another style, you can do this:

        <Button ux:Cascade="false" />

Now all the Button’s in the StackPanel and its subtree will get this style applied. The ux:Cascade="false" attribute stops the style from cascading, otherwise all the visible styles for button in the given subtree would have been concatenated.

You can also use Style/Theme objects this way:

    <Fuse.BasicTheme.BasicTheme ColorScheme="Amber" />
        <NavigationBar DockPanel.Dock="Top">
            <Fuse.BasicTheme.BasicTheme ColorScheme="Red" />

In this app everything in the NavigationBar will get the Red version of BasicTheme, and the rest will get Amber

More example code:

        <Button ux:Cascade="false">
            <Rectangle ux:Binding="Appearance">
                <Scale ...