Can i exit app with android's back button?

I just build for android device. But, can’t exit app with back button when i use android.

Actually, iphone doesn’t need this function. However android users want to exit with that back button…

How to do?..

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Hi, good question, thanks for asking. Sadly right now you can’t handle this in the way you would expect for android. This will be addressed in an update in the near future.

If you are building from commandline there is a flag you can pass to re-enable this but note that as there is only one activity it means that any press of the back button will close the app without possibility of cacthing the event.

This is done by passing --set:Android.RuntimeSettings.KillOnBackButton=true to the uno build command.

Thanks again for your question and we be sure to put this in the release notes when we add it.

I made this work with a trigger and an action: