Camera module bug

Hi i’m facing a camera bug , when i take a picture , the app reload without no reason.
this is the fonction that i’m using

function takePictureCamera(){
    imageL.add({data: image.path})

and this is the video taked of my screen

Fuse version: 0.32
Operating system OS X.

Hi, what kind of device is this? Note that on Android capturing a photo with the camera does take you out of the Fuse app Activity before returning you to it when the camera Activity completes: This, to me, looks possibly memory related. I’d be interested in seeing the system log (shows up in your terminal when you run Fuse build or preview)

The device its an LG G4 stylus. sometime it does return to the app with the picture sometimes not. 70 % of the time , taking picture results of this kind of bug. i have this in my console when i take a picture.

01-16 17:33:56.356 22086 22086 D Permissions: Permissions granted
01-16 17:33:56.734 22086 22086 I Timeline: Timeline: Activity_idle id: android.os.BinderProxy@d8337ff time:28396791
01-16 17:33:56.844 22086 22167 E Surface : getSlotFromBufferLocked: unknown buffer: 0xb9cadfe0
01-16 17:33:58.812  2228  4280 I ActivityManager: Process com.apps.fuseissue (pid 22086) has died
Process com.apps.fuseissue terminated.

Yeah this smells like memory problems. I’m on it.

Great , let me know when you launch a qa version with a fix , so i can test it