Call UNO method in UX

If I have in UNO a method like this:

void MyMethod(){


There is a way to call it like this in UX:

<MyMethod />

I need to trigger a method in UNO when a WhileEdgeSwiped is Enabled.


I think this should work:

    <Callback Action="MyMethod" />

Thanks! Work great!

Hello colleagues, probably you can help me. When I click button the method “doit” does not performed. What is i miss? Thanks.

public class DemoNode : Behavior {

    override protected void OnRooted() {

    public void doit() {
        Debug.Log("-->> do it");

    <DemoNode ux:Name="demoNode"/>

            Alignment="Center" >

                <Callback Action="demoNode.doit" />