call a function when a match case is active

Hi guys i’m trying to call a function when a match case is active without success can anyone help me.
while active / while true / while enabled don"t work in my case. while active and whiletrue work only if i change the page and come back again at this page.

                     <Match Value="{action}">
                          <Case String="Starting">
                                <Scale Factor="0" Delay="0.5" Duration="1" Easing="ElasticIn" />
                              <ScrollView AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal">
                                <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Padding="4">
                                  <Selection MinCount="1" MaxCount="1" Value="{values}"/>
                                    <CircleCategorie1 Title="order a" />
                                    <CircleCategorie1 Title=order v"/>
                                    <CircleCategorie1 Title="order x"/>
                                    <CircleCategorie1 Title="order l"/>
                          <Case String="blue">
                              <Rectangle Fill="#00f" Height="50" Width="50" />
                          <Case String="take-adress">
                                <Callback Handler="{setSearchView}"/>
                              <Callback Handler="{setSearchView}"/>
                            <WhileTrue Value="true">
                              <Callback Handler="{setSearchView}"/>

It seems like you already have the data you need to do the callback in JS, since you’re databinding to action already? Perhaps this is something that would make more sense implemented in pure JS?

Hi Jake , i already done this in js , didnt just upload the post , thanks you for your time