Binding images, other solution

Hi, I have like 250 links to local images in my json file and I want to databind them to my UX. I found that i have to use FileImageSource. But its unacceptable with that amount of images. Is there any other solution? In this Thread 5 months old Anders Lassen mentioned that you were planning some solution. Is that done or is there any other way how solve my problem?


Images can be included in your .unoproj file’s Includes section using *.png:Bundle, for example. Then you can simply data-bind to File and it will find it.

We are also currently implementing features for view recycling that will allow you to have long lists without worrying about memory consumption.

Thank you, does work without problem. Also found that if you are using Preview in Atom editor, binding paths is not possible. It is searching for files in user/AppData/Local/atom/app*version. I think I should report this as bug.

You can only bind to files that are declared in your .unoproj as :Bundle, nothing else.

It makes sense, really - Fuse needs to know what files to include in your app when exporting for mobile. You can’t point to random files on your PC harddrive when the app is running on a phone.

We probably didnt understand each other on this last one. But nevermind, my problem is solved. Thank you.