Base64 encoded image 'unsupported platform'

I’m trying to display a base64 encoded image using the local preview under Windows. Just to understand if I’m doing it right, I’m using a very basic code but I keep getting ‘unsupported platform’. Does this means that base64 encoded images may not be displayed in emulation mode? If this is correct will this feature be added to the emulator? It would be handy though…

(Actually I don’t know if my code is correct.)

			var ImageTools = require("FuseJS/ImageTools");
			var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
			var imagePath = Observable();

		    var base64Image = "iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAACAAAAAgBAMAAACBVGfHAAAAGFBMVEUAAADmaGXmaGXmaGXmaGXmaGXmaGXmaGW0irvGAAAAB3RSTlMAl+YkUQrNr4fUtQAAAOpJREFUKM9lUrtuAjEQ3MQhNcqzTUQkt5dI6Q8kRAsCQU2BqDGP+X3GsysoPNKd59ae8T7OhNVHLtup3fAL4dUCCwTe/TvtEbh0CvwB5e1/Oc7ASAcySl/JE0k9sq7a9PLdVa8dA584SDYKmoBhpZU/AB1fZW5GQ5gNMjc3OFEHoHCZ4czni2wviT3iRPVQzqTV5MC9XmdxrKngQjsmQycpE52AOdkzpBwACiiD3gMhSYilhKnlYm4a19rkx/xaJebwxJS6w1NXcS7x4lS+m3r56ooHRKOFkqiFTZPvY0gaQzOodpTtsJvf4QqI5mQYJlHLMgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==";

		    .then(function(image) {
		        console.log("Scratch path of image is " + image.path);
              console.log("error: " + reason)

			module.exports = {
				image: imagePath 


		<StatusBarBackground Dock="Top" />
		<ScrollView ClipToBounds="true">
					<Image File="{image}" />

Yes, this has not been added yet. I’m attaching an internal issue to this thread so we can keep you posted.