Assets From CDN Do Not Load

I can't get any of my images or videos to load.

You can verify the assets load in your browser:

But they do not show up in Fuse.

I have tried running with "-v 2" option, but don't see any indication as to why the assets do not load.

Images from other domains do show up, however.

<App Theme="Basic">
<Image Url="" />

<App Theme="Basic">
<Video Url="" />

Hi there - which version of Fuse are you using? Are you testing on devices or in the desktop preview? Are those three lines of UX your entire app/your test case?

That’s the whole test case. I got version 0.12.4 OSX from the home page today.

I am using the local preview on OSX.

Interestingly, I was wondering if it was mime types, so I took a look, and the type was image/jpg, so I changed it to the correct image/jpeg.

I then appended a “?” to the url to bust the cache.

The image did then appear. It could have just been the wrong mime type, but the video still will not load. The video has mime type video/mp4.

Is there any way to debug why the Image and Video tags might not display, generally?

Interestingly, if I append ? to the image and video urls, the images and videos then sometimes will load, but not always.

I think this is some bug in the Image and Video tag url loaders, as the browser is able to download and display all of these assets that I’ve tried.

More experimentation with other assets:

Does not work:

Does work:

This sounds like a strange issue. When I test those images, all of them work for me. Is this still a problem in that latest release?